Australian Paddle Surfer Magazine 

I believe that the white SIL that I purchased from Roland at Bondi markets occurred the very week that he launched. At the time I was a little reluctant around the shirt because I felt the fabric was a little heavy
Fast forward 5 years and I still have the original shirt and love it. After countless washes and wears it still holds it shape perfectly, does not have a single mark or hole and the original branding is still intact.
I love stuff like that. Thank you SIL for an amazing product.

- Mike Britton


Hi Roland, sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you, yeah I'm happy to give a testimonial!
I'm really enjoying the shorts, I don't really notice them at all when I'm practising yoga (mainly astanga and vinyasa) so it's great to have one less thing to distract me from my practice. They're so much more comfortable than my citrusy synthetic lululemon shorts too ;) I think mainly due to the softer fabric and breathability, and they don't seem to hold any odour which is an added bonus.  They've also lasted really well considering the amount of use they've had, the construction of them is solid and only really bought a second pair for some variety. Awesome shorts, stoked I stumbled upon your stall at the Manly markets, thanks!!

- Kane (yoga teacher in the Manly area)

Quality product with a great cut wear a rash vest to the beach without anyone realising

- Stuart Crosbie


I bought my first SIL short sleeve and sleeveless rashies about a year ago. I am a larger trans/gender queer person who has struggled to find a non-clingy, comfortable and confidence building swimming top. I gave SIL a shot, honestly not thinking it would actually do what it says it did. But it did!!! It does!! I LOVE THEM.... they are exactly what I've been needing to boost my confidence at the beach, in the water and even more so, getting out of the water!

- L. Daniel

I won my first SIL short sleeve shirt in a raffle mid last year and ever since then I have loved it both as a t-shirt and a rashie. It made summer so much easier when going to the beach, especially with kids as you don’t have to remember to pack a rashie and can’t have them complain that you’re not wearing one, when trying to get them to put one on. I loved it so much that when saw your stall at Coogee, I bought 3 more – a different colour, a smaller tighter one for when I'm just surfing as well as a long sleeve one for my son which is perfect as he finally doesn’t complain about being forced to wear a rashie! For me that fact that you can wear them just as a t-shirt and no-one realises they are also a rashie is the best part; whilst on a recent holiday after talking to a lifeguard for about 20 minutes, I went to walk into the surf and he shouted “mate, you still have your shirt on!”. I then had to explain to him that it was also a rashie and he couldn’t believe it and had to actually feel the fabric. A great design and an awesome product that I'm more than happy to recommend to everyone.

- Mark S from Bondi